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100 most streamed songs for 2017

This is only for Apple, Deezer, Google Play and Spotify streams.

Updated every Monday. (Updated on 5/30/2017)


Chart #Song Title/ArtistTotal Streams
1Moscow Drive Taliia104628 
2Favorite Song Tra Cee featuring Da General88345 
3Saved by My Radio Jeter N The Jets47366 
4Out There Bob Jeter45817 
5Give Bees a Chance Lovely Previn45637 
6DTown Area Code 972 AC Da' Perfecto31390 
7Innocent Children Court of Lore31370 
8We In This Lil TaRus featuring Mya Tanee'29575 
9High LifeZach Rhoads28257 
10Best Thing Spencer and Sequoia24373 
11I'm Into You Miranda Williams22896 
12Legit Jayy Queezy featuring Gucci Mane22252 
13Saké Sunset Lovely Previn18657 
14I'm an Animal at Heart Lovely Previn18188 
15Superfly Kevon Tyrre15567 
16Blue Moon Kid Cupid14427 
17Discretion Alonzo12338 
18One More Time for Posterity Semi Good Halos11373 
19Ten Years Cuz Jones11372 
20The Lord Is Here Alveda King10866 
21Frat House The Factory10193 
22Roll It Up Supathowd9982 
23My Eyes Cabarnes9269 
24Bank Roll Florida Boy7934 
25Been On The Grind OfficialVybe7883 
26What Is The Mattrix Mixtape Matthew Rix7766 
27Stay High Sedona7189 
28Running Man Daze The Nomad6933 
29Legit Jayy Queezy featuring Gucci Mane6692 
30Nubivagant XiRen Wang6271 
31Keep Moving mellowtone6183 
32We The People Jansport Jack6019 
33Fiesta Taliia5979 
34Thug Coughin LiL Harda5867 
35Big Dog Reposing Jay5782 
36Came From Florida Boy5707 
37Worldwide Death N.W.775606 
38Mood Donyai5533 
39Money Monster Goatsy5488 
40Bad Girl Amber Hobbs5451 
41American Trew OG Yungn5265 
42Money Monster Goatsy5228 
43Don't Give A Shit Goatsy5205 
44True Story D.A. Baby5145 
45The Perfect One Death by Platypi5049 
46Goin Off Franso Mafio5014 
47Too Much Talking Young Fellaz5005 
48Flashback Night Raptor4997 
49Bounce Dirty Roldan4986 
50Southern Lives Wes Romaniuk4952 
51Bank Roll Florida Boy4936 
52Deadly Game Andrew Fisher4851 
53Cloud 9 P.H.I.R.E. JONES4751 
54Thief In The Night French Sinatra featuring DeejayDaMacc4742 
55Miss Me Long Wes Romaniuk4552 
56Arabithia Adryx-G4536 
57F.A.O.Y.N. Reposing Jay4510 
58Flatliner Among Legends4445 
59Volume 1 - Intro Matthew Rix4420 
60Steven at the Beer Store Jef Leeson4328 
61Vanilla Ice Cream Amber Hobbs4266 
62Forreal Tokes4207 
63Vanilla Ice Cream Amber Hobbs4105 
64Look Steezy Baby featuring Pluto4037 
65Outsider P.H.I.R.E. JONES3930 
66Deu Onda DJ VN3922 
67City Lights D. Xplodé3705 
68Worldwide 5 - Intro Matthew Rix3677 
69Word on Road cHm_Navy3670 
70Mystique Alonzo3664 
71Expanding PGBMexico3650 
72Good Indie Labels Matthew Rix3566 
73Bad Indie Label Matthew Rix3559 
74Citadelle XiRen Wang3539 
75Major Record Labels Matthew Rix3528 
76Paid Record Labels Matthew Rix3503 
77What Is A Record Label Matthew Rix3486 
78There Will Be Blood Future Shock3483 
79Record Label Opener Matthew Rix3480 
80Survive Rachel Loomis3456 
81Cloud 9 P.H.I.R.E. JONES3446 
82Shining on U Franso Mafio3396 
83Houston Breakthrough Intro Matthew Rix3332 
84NYC Breakthrough Intro Matthew Rix3331 
85Record Label Closer Matthew Rix3322 
86Everything Florida Boy3285 
87Missed Calls Dre Loco3283 
88Give it ASJA3270 
89Eternity And Beyond LOE featuring G Suave3197 
90F.A.O.Y.N. Reposing Jay3187 
91What You Gon Say Crazy X3170 
92First Gig (Chip's Mom's Garage) Death by Platypi3156 
93The One Florida Boy3077 
94In Ya Face Amber Hobbs3053 
95Big Dog Reposing Jay3048 
96Go Insane JG3012 
97Interlude 2 jmfisz2987 
98I'll Be There Jef Leeson2975 
99Make Music Death by Platypi2963 
10010AC Da' Perfecto2946 

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