SoHo Artistry

It's About the Culture

Mattrix Mixtape/SoHo Artistry was started as a tool to help artists in their career and we are still committed to that effort like it is still day 1. We truly want to focus on helping the artists that follow these rules that we have for ourselves.

1.       Stay Humble

2.       Work Hard

3.       Enjoy what you do and understand why you do it


Since we feel that with our growth sometimes the rules haven’t been applied to the artist that we have promoted, we have closed down submissions for all new artists at this time. If you’re an alumni artist and you would like to receive the password to submit more music, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to allow you to submit your music.


If you’re a brand new artist, the only way that we will accept your submission is if you’re recommend to us by an alumni artist.


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