SoHo Artistry

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December 30th, 2018 in Las Vegas, Neveda



Airfare to and from Las Vegas, Nevada

Hotel accommodations on the Las Vegas strip for two nights

$250 spending cash while in Vegas (Lunch will be provided both days) 

A 10 - 20 minute showcase performance (Time of showcase will be determined on how many artists are accepted)

Promotional material to promote your showcase time and your music

A special SoHo Artistry compilation of the Vegas winner will be released in September, 2018

All performances during the showcase will be live streamed on Mattrix Radio, and recorded and mixed for a special SoHo Artistry Live from Vegas compilation featuring one of your songs with a live audience. 

This event will be awarded to any and all artists that achieve 400,000 sales and/or streams from their song(s) that appears on a SoHo Artistry compilation only. We will accept numbers from these retail outlets Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Groove, iTunes, and Spotify. Even though you will be paid for your streams, we will not count streams for your acceptance into the Vegas showcase from Guvera, Napster, Tidal, and/or YouTube. 

All streams will be calculated from the day the compilation that you're featured on was released until August 1st, 2018, any streams after that day will be counted towards the 2019 Vegas showcase.

Every artist is responsible to have a valid credit card at time of hotel check-in for "incidentals" to your hotel room.

You must be at least 18 years old to receive your invitation. 

SoHo Artistry has the right to suspend any artists count total if we find any sort of streaming aggression or fraud to be taking place, we also have the right to refuse any artist from being awarded entry if at any time we believe that the safety of the event, performers or SoHo Artistry employees is in jeopardy.

Plays will be counted and posted to every Sunday. We will only count the streams of your song from a SoHo Artistry release and not your individual streams from your own release. 

While in Vegas SoHo Artistry will not be held responsible for any damages. loss of cash, property, self-esteem, morals, and/or goods and services. Artist accepts full responsibility for any and all criminal activity, court fees, charges, fines, lawyer fees, and/or settlements. SoHo Artistry accepts no responsibility for your actions.

SoHo Artistry is not held responsible and assumes no liability for any medical fees, injuries, reckless behavior, overdose, alcohol poisoning, stitches, allergic reaction, ambulance fees and/or medical professional visits that may present themselves while in Las Vegas.  

SoHo Artistry is not responsible for any money, gifts, bonuses and/or loans that are lost because of gambling. 

Only artist will be awarded the prize.

Managers, Agents, Momagers, Spouses, Parents, Producers, Neighbor, Crew, DJ's, Background singers, Dancers, Background band, etc. are welcome to join you in Las Vegas, but it is that artist’s responsibility to get them to Vegas.

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